SEO Service

How it all works
  1. Analyze your website
    1. After you sign up our system will analyze your website based on advanced SEO criteria. After that report is created, our team does a manual review of your website to get an even further understanding of your site and business.

  2. Client Contact
    1. We’ll touch base with you regarding your keyword choices our ideas for your keywords, and goals for your online marketing; what are you looking to achieve? More leads? Product promotion? Etc.

  3. Onsite Optimization
    1. We begin implementing the approved keywords throughout your website, and tackle all of the onsite optimization. We’ll optimize tags, content structure  and begin our content creation for your website.

  4. Offsite Promotions
    1. After the onsite optimization is complete our automated system takes off, promoting your website throughout high quality websites, building your credibility and establishing your online presence.

  5. Reporting and Tracking
    1. Our advanced reporting and analysis enables us to monitor your progress from Day 1.   The weekly reports will begin with Week 1 and you can set alerts for keywords when you or a competitor is at or beyond a certain ranking.  The most powerful reporting and analysis tools are also available for your use at your convenience through our Client Control Panel.